drewpierson10: Who wears clothes at weddings #herecomethechorneys - 26th July 2014 (x)
drewpierson10: Who wears clothes at weddings #herecomethechorneys - 26th July 2014 (x)
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Jonathan Toews discusses selfies

Jonathan Toews discusses selfies

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amanda kessel becomes very distressed by a hot pepper, much to julie chu’s delight

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Seabrook/Toews Roommate Story (BHC2014

"Every month we changed the captains, and it was the day they named me and Jonny the assistants.

"I was sleeping, and I always woke Jonny up. He was just sitting downstairs, eating his breakfast and watching TV, and I was still sleeping - I must’ve slept through my alarm. I ran downstairs, I was all freaked out - we had about half an hour to get out to the edge(?). And I run to Jonny’s room, he’s not there, he’s downstairs eating breakfast.

"I run downstairs, I’m like, "What are you doing? We gotta go to practice!"

"He’s like, "Aw, I thought we had the day off or something, ‘cause you were sleeping in - you didn’t wake me up."

"So we jumped into the car and ran to the rink.

"Jonny was…he sorta…had some tough moments as a young guy. But he was a great roommate, a lot of fun, and our relationship started from that point; we had a lot of fun together."

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Milestone Minute: Oduya’s Anniversary

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“Staying away from junk food and the pop—it’s something that, for me, is harder than doing the actual workouts. It’s so easy to get off-track. Like when you’re out with your buddies and they’re stopping at McDonald’s. You can’t have a Big Mac with them.”

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the gucci squda asked: grilled cheesby or grilled cheesby?

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